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Dr Rosie Taylor-Lewis receives Nurse Practitioner Advocate Award for 2020 by the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners

March 6, 2020

I was humbled and honored to receive the NP Advocate of 2020 by the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners at our annual meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. Nominated by colleagues, this award is one I share with the other nominees and the many NPs who use their voice to advocate for working to the full extent of our education and experience to impact patient outcomes. Many studies have demonstrated the powerful and impactful role of advance practice providers on improvements in health care. Nurses have always been great at patient advocacy and using those same skills to self-advocate for professional parity which directly effects the health of patients, families, communities and our country is imperative. Advocacy is not adversarial. Advocacy starts with collaboration with other disciplines, effective communication and unrelenting commitment.  I was honored to be asked to testify before the Joint Boards of Nursing and Medicine with many of my colleagues in support of legislature for autonomous practice and parity for reimbursement. It was an opportunity not only to be a voice for what we do, how we do it, but debunk some of the myths about our educational preparation that was a point of contention from our physician colleagues.  I encourage nurses at all level to use your voices to "rise-up" for the cause.

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